Manage your Android phone & tablet from your Computer.

Why myDesktop Companion?

  • myDesktop Companion is the all-in-one solution to synchronize and manage your Android smartphone or tablet from a computer. When connected you can synchronize, backup and manage all your personal data such as Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Music, Photos, Videos, Documents and more...

  • You can also directly edit, update, transfer your contacts and appointments, send text messages and more with just your computer’s keyboard and mouse. myDesktop Companion was primarily designed to give users a high-end out-of-the-box experience, far superior than the usual bundled software.

  • STILL NOT CONVINCED? OK, Here is a gift tailored to you:

    >>  It's free!

    >>  Easy to connect

    >>  You can use it with all Android Smartphones and Tablets

  • “All Android devices are supported by myDesktop Companion and it is richer than any bundled solution I have tried! What else?” said Alex.
    (Android OS version 2.2 and higher)

  • “I can browse, manage and sync everything from a single app - Contact, SMS, Files, Media, Apps, Calendar, ...nothing is missing compared to other solutions ” said Nadia.